Susu’uli Wo’i

The Hiaki phrase Susu’uli Wo’i refers to a type of coyote known for hunting deer. Susu’uli Wo’im closely resemble more common coyotes, called Wo’im, but if you look carefully you’ll see that they’re smaller and their fur is a kind of grey with dark stripes. Like other coyotes, Susu’uli Wo’i howls, though its howl is more shrill and higher pitched, which is one way you can tell it apart. Susu’uli Wo’im behave similarly to wolves in that they are typically loners until they intend to hunt deer. Of course, one Susu’uli Wo’i wouldn’t be able to take down a deer by itself, so they howl to call the attention of other nearby individuals and then hunt in a pack of roughly four or five. Susu’uli Wo’im don’t typically allow themselves to be seen, as they’re either up in the mountains or out hunting at night, but one way you can be sure of their presence is by hearing their distinct howl.

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