Detailed Grammatical Analysis Projects

The Interaction of Suppletion and the Applicative

A study of how suppletive verbs whose stems change from singular to plural interact with the applicative suffix.

Team members: Heidi Harley, Jason Haugen and Mercedes Tubino Blanco.

The Stem Forms of Verbs

A study of the verb conjugation classes in Hiaki, describing the different types of change that verb stems undergo when they are combined with certain suffixes.

Team members: Mercedes Tubino-Blanco, Heidi Harley

The Tone and Pitch-Accent System

Some proposals about why certain Hiaki words are pronounced with a unique intonation pattern.

Team members: Louise St. Amour, Florian Hafner

Reduplication Patterns

These papers describe and analyze the form and meaning of verbal reduplication patterns in Hiaki.

Team members: Jason Haugen and Heidi Harley

The Causative

Types of causative verbal affixes in Hiaki.

Team members: Mercedes Tubino Blanco and Heidi Harley

The Interaction of Reduplication and Noun Incorporation
A paper describing how verb reduplication interacts with noun incorporation, a word-formation process of Hiaki which creates new verbs.

Team members: Jason Haugen and Heidi Harley

The Interaction of the Applicative and Causative

This paper describes the grammatical effect of adding both the applicative suffix and the causative suffix to a verb at the same time.

Team members: Heidi Harley

Hiaki Pronouns

This paper describes the many different forms of pronouns in Hiaki and their various distributions.

Team members: Alex Trueman and Heidi Harley

A Study of Lexical Categories

This paper describes the different affixes which can attach to nouns, verbs, and adjectives in Hiaki.

Team members: Jason Haugen, Mercedes Tubino-Blanco, Heidi Harley

Affixal Verbs of Inception and Cessation

This paper describes the affixes which attach to verbs to communicate ‘start’ and ‘stop’, ‘begin’ and ‘finish’.

Team members: Jason Haugen, Heidi Harley

A Study of Hiaki Determiners and Agreement

This paper describes case and number agreement on Hiaki determiners and nouns, and proposes an analysis explaining how the presence of a plural possessor can block the normal expression of case on the determiner.

Team members: Heidi Harley, Alex Trueman

Implementing Orthography

Here we outline some of the challenges and choices we have faced in implementing the established orthographic system in a consistent and useful way while dealing sensitively with the interests of a) learners of the language, and b) existing communities of speakers.

Team members: Heidi Harley, Alex Trueman

The Abilitative Construction

Project description.

Team members: Person 1, Person 2

Stem-Final Vowels

This paper describes patterns in the distributions of particular vowels at the ends of certain Hiaki words.

Team members: Jianrong Yu, Adam King, Maria Florez Leyva, Santos Leyva, Heidi Harley