This site is dedicated to past and present Hiaki language research and revitalization efforts at the University of Arizona. The research described is based on work conducted by a team of linguists and linguistics students under the direction of Dr. Heidi Harley, in conjunction with Mrs. Maria Leyva, the former director of the Pascua Yaqui tribe’s language program. The team includes or has included Joe Sanchez, Jason Haugen, Mercedes Tubino Blanco, Alex Trueman, Hyun Kyoung Jung, Brecht Welch, Dane Bell, Louise St. Amour, Noah Nelson, Florian Hafner, Lucero Cordova, Max Mulé, and Meg Harvey.

This website was initially created by the 2011 LIS/AIS 210 American Indian Languages Hiaki Project Group. Group members included Ramón Muñoz, Rebecca Villafaña, Joshua Gudenkauf, Vincent Colaianni, Antoinette Elbert, and Melissa Rodriguez.

The research and documentation efforts described on this website have been supported by National Science Foundation award #s BCS-0843898 and BCS-0446333, as well as by grants from the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities Grants program from the Vice President for Research at the University of Arizona, and the Jacobs Research Fund from the Whatcomb Museum Society.