Moreakame is a Hiaki word meaning something like “witch” or “one who practices witchcraft”. Moreakame are generally considered to be mean-spirited people with intent to harm others, though it’s common to see healers mistaken or rumored to be moreakame as well, especially if these healers know some bewitching. Moreakame are said to have the power to command cigarettes to travel to other people and burn them. This can happen at any time and any place, and the cigarette can burn you anywhere on your body. So, if a moreakame harbors any negative feelings like animosity or jealousy towards you, you may one day receive a surprise visit from a lit cigarette.

Moreakame are also said to be unable to eat chili or spicy foods due to a bwíchia (worm) that lives inside their throats. This worm does not take kindly to chilis, so moreakame simply avoid spicy food. The same is true of most animals, which is why most animals don’t eat chili peppers.

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