The Hiaki word me’etai refers to a type of dove that unfortunately no longer exists in the Hiaki homeland. Me’etaim were very similar in appearance to other kinds of doves, though a bit bigger; they were roughly the same size as a city pigeon. They were a solid grayish color, toloko, and they could be found all over the place. However, what set me’etaim apart from other doves is their call or song, which is rendered in Hiaki as Luiiis, pocho’oku week, pocho’oku week, or, “Luiiis, is standing in the brush, standing in the brush”. Of course, me’etaim would sing this regardless of whether Luis was actually standing in the brush or whether there was even somebody named Luis around. Me’etaim used to live in the Hiaki homeland in Sonora along Hiak Vatwe, the Hiaki River, but they haven’t been seen or heard for many years. It’s possible this is because water has become much scarcer with the damming of Hiak Vatwe.

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