Chea Huevena Wikuim! (More Lizards!)

Kuta Wikui (Black Spiny-tailed Iguana)

This lizard’s name literally means “wood lizard”. Like veho’ori, kuta wikui likes to live in trees. However, unlike veho’ori, these lizards aren’t targeted by lightning. Instead, they’re targeted by people! Some Hiakis boil kuta wikuim and eat them. They’re said to taste like chicken.

Kuta Wikui


Waittopit (Mediterranean House Gecko)

These lizards usually measure around three to four inches and have a very light colored body. Unlike the other lizards typically found around the Sonoran Desert, their scales are very small and soft. This makes it much easier to accidentally break their skin. Many Hiakis believe that if the innards of a waittopit touch a person, it means that he or she will soon die. Because of this, the Hiaki prefer to keep their distance from these lizards and sometimes even throw things at them to keep them away from children.


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