Hiak viivam

The translation of tobacco in Hiaki is Hiak viivam referring specifically to the tobacco Hiaki grew near the Río Yaqui. Unfortunately, the plant no longer flourishes there because of the lack of water that runs through the river; however, there are still some people who have managed to grow it themselves. The plant can only grow in Sonora, Mexico because of the soft soil and temperature.

In the past, when the plant was abundant the men would gather the large leaves in the night and then lay them out to be dried for the morning to come. Once dried the men would take the corn husks and use the soft part to roll the tobacco in it. Hiaki Viivam was not to be used by women or young people or as a hallucinogenic. Hiaki Viivam was used as a relaxation method and is still used as such in Sonora although it is not a common practice.

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